The services we provide are free and confidential.

Pregnancy Resource Centre (PRC)

A Pregnancy Resource Centre (PRC) is a non-profit organisation aimed at providing alternatives to abortion.

The services which we offer under our PRC are:

  1. Pregnancy testing
  2. Counselling services
  3. Baby supplies
  4. Earn While You Learn Programme – This is a parenting education incentive program designed to reward learning, foster responsibility, and nurture relationships with Clients. Clients earn “Mommy Money” or “Daddy Dollars” by attending EWYL sessions and other events as approved by Unborn Justice. The “Mommy Money” or “Daddy Dollars” may be exchanged for items from the Baby Store, supermarket vouchers or bus fare.

Forgiven & Set Free

Forgiven and Set Free is a programme used to bring healing to post-abortive women using the format of a three-day retreat.

Open Eyes, Open Hearts Education Programme

Open Eyes, Open Hearts is the education programme through which the public is educated about the facts about abortion.