Unborn Justice is a life-affirming charity (#1143) registered in February 2015 in Barbados. Unborn Justice was founded by three young people – Kyle Martindale, Shavonne Grosvenor and Kamille Martindale – out of a passion to see every unborn child given a chance at life. In January 2014, these three young people sat down together to determine what they could do to see their passion fulfilled. They left the meeting with a plan. It wasn’t until eight months later, though, that they met two young ladies who would need the services of Unborn Justice. With nothing more than a willingness to serve and a lot of faith, the work of Unborn Justice began.

In May 2017, we opened a Pregnancy Help Centre aimed at providing support to women and their partners faced with crisis pregnancies.


Unborn Justice is run by a Board of Directors led by Executive Director, Kamille Martindale. Mrs. Aleeca King and Mrs. Harriett Walcott are Directors.


Unborn Justice’s vision is to be a source of hope and help for women and their partners faced with difficult pregnancy decisions.


Unborn Justice’s mission is to provide help to women and their partners with crisis pregnancies through empowerment, education and tangible assistance and to provide support for post-abortive women and men.